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Supreme Clean offers low-pressure washing for residential and commercial properties in the Long Island, NY area. Our advanced soft washing practices can restore the look of any home or commercial building. Whatever type of exterior surfaces you may have, we have the expertise, knowledge and equipment to wash it your home or building back to new condition. Our professional team of soft washing and pressure washing technicians can restore your home without causing any damage to your property, all without breaking the bank! Our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!Press


Benefits You'll Enjoy


Pressure washing can remove the top layer of your exterior and cause serious damage to your roof or other exterior surfaces. Pressure washing systems typically fire off 2,000 psi of water a second, which can strip and crack most exteriors. Though high-pressure washing appears to remove dirt, it does not remove the underlying origin. Large exterior patches or stains are typically caused by microorganism growth like algae, mold, and moss. Our SoftWash System cleans and disinfects surfaces by killing the spores that cause this growth to begin with.


Our company is proud to use bio-friendly products by SoftWash Systems. These detergents can effectively remove stains without damaging your exterior surfaces. Our technicians mix custom solutions for roofs, driveways, and structures and rinse them with our low-pressure water systems. Since our method can be applied from ground level or from a ladder with our advanced equipment, there is minimal time setting up and cleaning up at the end of the job. We use green solutions that get results without harming the environment.


When we clean or soft wash your entire roof we include a 1 year spot free warranty. We use proprietary solutions to remove those ugly roof stains. Our roof cleaning process provides a 100% kill ratio on algae, mildew, mold, moss and lichens. This method kills the roots and inhibits return of growth, therefore we offer a 1 Year Spot Free Limited Warranty with our roof cleaning. You can also transfer warranty on your contract if you sell your home within the 1 years. Let us help you save thousands and get more years out of your roof by soft washing it.